The Stanhope Collection
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Player Pianos


There are five instruments in the Collection. These were popular 1900 – 1930 before the age of the gramophone. Paper rolls operate the piano via a pneumatic transmission system. Energy is supplied either electrically or by foot pedals.
There are about 500 rolls here. Some were recorded by composers playing their own works – for example Rachmaninov, Gershwin, Chaminade. There is also a selection of early jazz music: rag time, swing and boogie.
1912 Broadwood Upright, pedal operated 88/65 note Hupfeld pneumatics. 1913 Weber Upright, 88-note Aeolian pedal operated pianola action. 1925 Steck Pedal Electric Duo-Art Upright. 1920s Steck Café Piano – “Nickelodeon” converted from Duo-Art. Electrically operated. 1928 Gaveau grand piano with electric Ampico system. This instrument has recently been re-strung and voiced by Ben Edwards. Selection of early jazz music: rag time, swing and boogie.