The Stanhope Collection
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A number of instruments are awaiting restoration.

These listed here are now in working order :

1804 Clementi square piano 5½ 8ve as above with Irish dampers. Restored by Lucy Coad. This is an exceptionally well preserved instrument of Museum Quality. It has the original French stand and under-shelf, along with the `shield` over the action to dampen the action sounds.
1864 Broadwood grand piano burr walnut 7 octave AA to aaaaa renovated by David Winston.
1829 Broadwood Square piano  6 octave, renovated by David Law and formerly in the Graham Lyndon-Jones collection.
1793 Bates & Co. square piano 5 octave FF – fff single action, wooden overdampers, one stop lever: damperlift Restored by Jean Maurer
1815 Tomkison Cabinet piano, sticker action 5½ 8ve from FF. height of cabinet piano 1.84 m  A Cabinet Piano and a rare example of this maker , reputedly the finest of his time. Painstakingly restored to original and full working order. Its tone is quite gentle and it is a delight for accompanying Schubert Lieder. No date is published, as was customary for instruments made during the Regency.
1800 Broadwood square piano 5½ octave FF – ccc single escapement action. Restored with new strings in the Stanhope workshops. The instrument was used by the Stanhope Players on their concert tour in Nyons in 2006.
1810-1820 Elwerkemper Viennese grand piano 6 octave from FF restored by Jean Maurer . Five pedals including trombone and Turkish accoutrements.