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The Stanhope Collection of Historical Musical Instruments was begun by George Veness in 1987 with the acquisition of a 19th C piano. At the time there were many such instruments for sale, and few people were prepared to house them. More instruments were added, some being donated with some needing renovation. As the Collection grew it became necessary to establish a specialist workshop to cope with the restoration and maintenance that such instruments require. Most of them are housed in the family home at Winchelsea Beach.
Raison d'être. Awareness of the importance of the role played by the clavichord in 18th century music led to the acquisition of several such instruments. Numbers swelled again when in 1996 the collection gained two important historic instruments, purchased from the Michael Thomas Collection upon his death in France. Additions to the Stanhope Collection have been made to provide students with the essential access to instruments used by our great classical composers. Thus the Collection now offers an effective educational resource for people who wish to explore the style of earlier epoques. A series of courses is planned using visiting professors specialising in harpsichord and clavichord music from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, and charting the emergence of the pianoforte. Tuition will be available on all aspects of keyboard playing, keyboard tuning, temperaments, instrument maintenance and building. Email: